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Our modules will increase your personal effectiveness, irrespective of your industry background or past levels of experience and performance

Advanced Presentations & Public Speaking Skills - Open to public enrollment

Class Size: 3-5

Learn our proprietary 10-point system that will increase your effectiveness at every opportunity to speak or present. This is a systematic course based on scientific principles, not simply the advice of an experienced speaker. This programme is designed to give high levels of individualised attention and intensive coaching to select individuals. Each course accepts a maximum of five participants. Enrolment includes an individual, objectively-measured performance improvement report, as well as a 90-min one-on-one follow-up coaching session after the course.

Personal Effectiveness Programmes - (Customised)

Class Size: 1-20

For Groups - We offer full Personal Effectiveness programmes that address all key topics, with the potential to add a few modules specific to your company's needs. Personal Effectiveness Programmes can be run on consecutive days for two or three days in length, or as a series of workshops (e.g. 3-hour workshops at weekly intervals).

For Individuals - We also offer one-on-one Personal Effectiveness Programmes tailored to an individual's goals. Participants develop specific psychological insights about themselves and others, and learn success techniques to handle the situations in which they want to be more effective. These programmes are typically run with mid-level career people who want to have a greater personal impact in their organisations. Sessions last 2-3 hours. The number and timings of the sessions are determined based on the individual’s goals.  

Highly Productive Meetings - In-house course

Class Size: 8-14

Many employees spend a significant portion of their working lives in meetings, and the number of meetings only increases as people become more senior. The fact that meetings are a familiar experience to people generally leads them to the false assumption that they have good meeting skills - yet 70% of time spent in meetings is wasteful for 70% of attendees. What if a few simple practices could dramatically change the return on time invested in meetings? In one day we can teach your team to get much more out of meetings, whether they are leading or just attending. Based on recent findings from the fields of experimental, cognitive & social psychology, with practical exercises & proven business tools.

Persuading & Influencing Others - In-house course

Class Size: 8-14

One of the most common approaches business people use to persuade others is a logical, fact-based approach. This approach seems sensible and intelligent to the speaker, but research shows it’s far less effective on the listener than we expect. Consider that most people who continue to smoke can list many logical fact-based reasons to quit. On this fascinating course you will strengthen your awareness of other people’s psychology, and examine some often-surprising techniques for influencing other people to action. The principles we cover can be applied in a wide range of situations, including motivating people who report to you, influencing others to take action, and changing people’s perception or attitudes.

Innovative Thinking & Problem Solving - In-house course

Class Size: 8-14

Companies that foster a culture of creative idea generation show above average earnings for their industry. This is because creative thinking skills directly underlie problem solving skills. When employees develop better creative thinking skills they will learn to solve business issues faster and more effectively. The innovative thinking our course develops will benefit all employees, irrespective of job function. Participants will learn and practise techniques that will continue to produce better and better results, the more frequently they are used in the workplace.

Sara Black International | Making Good People Even Better

Dr. Amanda Nimon Peters has been appointed Dean of Hult International Business School in Dubai.

Hult International Business School is a graduate business school, based in Dubai Internet City, offering MBA, Executive MBA and Masters in International Business Degrees. It is ranked number 57 in the Financial Times Ranking of the Top 100 Business Schools, and ranked number one in Post-Graduate Salary Increase by the Economist. See

Unfortunately, Dr. Amanda's appointment means that we can no longer meet your training requirements. However, we hope you will consider Hult for your corporate training needs. Please contact Stella Munday-Teut, Director of Corporate Relations, on

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