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Date: December 2011  |  Categories: White Paper & Analysis

‘Pocket MBA for Women who Aspire to Lead’ - Joint Venture by Sara Black International & Hult International Business School

Experts, employees and career women from various sectors in the UAE met at the Hult International Business School campus to identify and acknowledge factors that hold women back in their careers and to enable professional women to develop their own action plans to help them advance their careers. This was a unique programme that looked at scientific findings in the area of women in the workforce.

Gulf News summed up the two day event with an excellent article:

Excerpt from Gulf News’ coverage of the event

"When capable women, who are performing well in the business world, drop out of their careers at the mid to senior level, it is time for employers to take notice. It is also time for women to take ownership of the success of their careers, experts say.

These experts, employers and career women from various sectors in the UAE recently met at Hult International Business School's Dubai campus to discuss exactly that.

The institution last week held an event called the Pocket MBA for Women who Aspire to Lead to bring the issue to light. At the event, women leaders from educational, business and governmental organisations helped career women identify the factors that hold them back and devise a plan of action to address them."

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Another great article covering this event all the way from San Francisco!

Hidden power: Women who aspire to lead globally – the view from Dubai by Cari Guittard

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