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Date: April 2011  |  Categories: White Paper & Analysis

Emirates NBD’s High Potential Managers Graduate from Personal Effectiveness Programme

After a series of intensive assessments, 26 Senior Managers from Emirates NBD were enrolled on our intensive 3-day Personal Effectiveness programme. Through a series of engaging exercises built around science-based principles, the participants developed their skills in areas tha were essential to their growing career responsibilities.

Here are some comments from our participants:

  • “It was an overwhelming experience for me and for the first time in my life I wasn’t bored in a training.”
  • “Great learning experience. I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the course. I am a sceptic but I was converted into a believer.”
  • “In this course I could relate to Amanda as a mentor and as a coach. I truly believe that the learning that I have received will be with me always.”