Making Good People Even Better

What We Do

We provide personal effectiveness training that delivers results. Our methodology involves the practical application of psychological principles and published research findings to everyday business challenges.

We use a SCIENCE-BASED approach

The principles we teach are based on cognitive and social psychology. We use findings that have been tested in a wide variety of situations with a wide variety of people. This means you will get a predictable outcome. Most business teaching is instead done on an authority-basis – but just because one person has been successful, it does not mean their advice will work for others.

We ADD to your TOOLKIT, not erase it

You already have capability and knowledge. We are not here to prove you wrong. Simply, we want to lay out on the table a series of additional tools for you to try – and then help you decide which ones you will add to your existing personal effectiveness toolkit.

We teach PRINCIPLES not textbooks

We focus on the few key things that research shows you are not doing, and that have been shown to increase your effectiveness. We do not try to teach you a text book of material, nor 100 tips and tricks, nor what to do in every single situation. That would be boring, and you would not remember it or use it anyway. 

We focus on IMPROVEMENT not performance

We focus on how great you could be, not how strong or weak you are today. Research shows that people who focus on how good they are today close themselves off to the learning needed to make them even better tomorrow.  Our aim is to help you achieve a noticeable improvement in your daily personal effectiveness. 

Sara Black International | Making Good People Even Better

Dr. Amanda Nimon Peters has been appointed Dean of Hult International Business School in Dubai.

Hult International Business School is a graduate business school, based in Dubai Internet City, offering MBA, Executive MBA and Masters in International Business Degrees. It is ranked number 57 in the Financial Times Ranking of the Top 100 Business Schools, and ranked number one in Post-Graduate Salary Increase by the Economist. See

Unfortunately, Dr. Amanda's appointment means that we can no longer meet your training requirements. However, we hope you will consider Hult for your corporate training needs. Please contact Stella Munday-Teut, Director of Corporate Relations, on

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